collection 03

SHATHA is inspired by the sensory experience of being in Syria. From the visuals, patterns, colors, Islamic architecture to the scents and tastes of food, flowers and ingredients used in everyday life. 

Once more, this collection translates the impressions of cities and people encountered through refugeehood journeys, with handmade designs that transmit a message of peace through art and tradition.

A glimpse of the collection co-created with fashion designer Nour Daher through the eyes of fashion photographer Aly Saab. Full look book with prices available for download below.

FISTUQ – Arabesque stripped-green vest simple or with applique

ZIHER – Syrian cut top with patchwork applique
BAYALSAN stripped – Wide leg trousers with applique also available in stripped-green

ZAYZAFOUN – Long applique collar abayas with a variety of beige and grey cottons and linens

DOURI – Dolman crocheted top long sleeve available in cottons and linens
BAYLASAN -Basic wide leg trousers available in other colors and designs

ANDOURA – Bais cut short jacket with simple crochet or applique in autumn and pastel fabrics

POP-UP event at Kalei Cafe, Beirut, June 2021

This collection was first showed @KaleiCafe in Ras Beirut / Lebanon thanks to the kind collaboration of The Carton, Beirut. The Carton’s latest project is a popup hosting experience to help The Carton’s family at large put its finger on the pulse of a region that has always been at the center of the world and further exploration of cultural narratives through physical spaces, objects and human interaction.

Now permanently exhibited in our new store in STARCO Beirut / Lebanon.

All items are one-sized and gender neutral. Worldwide delivery. Hand-wash and dry-cleaning only.


Lead Designer : Nour Daher
Photography: Aly Saab
Models : Demi Kanaan, Sarah Barakat, Ibrahim Dagher