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Under the name of RUHAL, The Master Peace brand launched its first collection after 8 months of endless efforts of its own very talented hands. All the profits will go towards supporting and sustaining the project and its team.

Ruhal is the first ethical fashion collection of the brand. Ruhal takes you in a journey through Syria’s cities, from Raqaa to Aleppo, Homs and Damascus passing by many marvels, and leading to Barelias in the Beqaa Valley in Lebanon, where the brand’s pieces are being conceived.

The Ruhal collection narrates the story of a woman who fled the war in Syria, holding with her the stories of other Syrian women. The designs were named after Syrian towns the women went through when walking from Raqqa to the Bekaa valley in Lebanon. The cuts and aesthetics represent a strong sense of belonging, a powerful relationship between the people, their land and especially their culture… wherever they reside.

RAQA – Hand embroidered oversized cotton Deraa with embroidered belt
TABQA – Short dolman sleeve cotton top with embroidered neckline
MADAYA – Slim fit coton pants

Available @boutique.hub in Beirut / Lebanon

HALAB – Long sleeve cotton top with crocheted outline
IDLIB – Cotton Sirwal with crochet details
HAMA – Crocheted necklace

Available @boutique.hub in Beirut / Lebanon

BAB – Crocheted icon hat / turban

ALTAL – Kimono with frayed outline
TABQA – Short dolman sleeve top with crochet details available for order in several colors (95USD) 
MASNAA – Crocheted tote bag
TALFITA – Loose fit, low crotch cotton pants with crochet details

SADAD – Long sleeve details available for order in several colors (135USD) 
MADAYA – Sirwal with crocheted outline
MASNAA – Crocheted messenger bag

QOUSAYA – Long sleeve cotton top with mandarin collar with crochet details
available for order in several colors (235USD) 
SOUAIRA – Cotton culottes

ABLAH – Crocheted frame top available also in black (145USD) 
MARJ – Cotton culottes with draped pocket
FIRZIL – Crocheted belt with tussles

RAQA – Crocheted Deraa
DEIR – Long sleeve crocheted scarf jacket with crochet details

ADRA – Back buttoned dress with crochet details available also in black (245USD) 
BARQAH – Crocheted necklace with seashells
BAB – Crocheted icon hat

BAR – Crocheted Deraa gown

Most of our pieces are also available in black. Contact us for more information about our collections on All items are one-sized and can be worn by men and women. Worldwide delivery. Follow @themasterpeace_ on instagram.


Fashion Designer: Hazem Kais
Photography: Tarek Moukaddem and Adrienne Hurtut
Models: Lea Helou, Habib Chaoul and Georges Achi